Key Players

AJK NETWORK is run by a team of dedicated and diverse skilled people working collaboratively to exceed client expectations. There is a tremendous opportunity for growth and we always welcome talented individuals to join our team.

Mr. A. John Kumar

Founder and Managing Director

About Us

AJK NETWORK sharing major cable market today in Puducherry,during 90's started its operation as a home to home cable service provider.Broadcasting 200+ channels inclusive Tamil,Malayalam,Hindi,Telugu,English,French and other popular local channels under one roof bringing quality transmission of all popular channels to almost every doorstep in the city.

To sustain its brand image and trust amongst Puducherry people AJK NETWORK proud to deliver Broadband facililty to its customer round corner

AJK NETWORK being first of MSO proudly announce the transformation from Analog to Digital broadcasting. Being partnered with Cmedios,an end to end digital transmission solution provider to provide digital services and set top boxes to its customers. AJK NETWORK also ensures to utilize the Cmedios dedicated cutomer-care service in the city to provide continues support to its customers.

Join us as a Cable Operator with our AJK NETWORK Team and get benefited with availability of the most advanced equipment to provide digital entertainment with uninterrupted tranmission along highly trained engineers.